Carter Family

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Tami Landers-White

My father, Charles Landers, was actually Harrys uncle but I always thought they were more like brothers. We spent many summers meeting the Carters either in the mountains or at the beach. I was always so excited to get to see them because there were no girls on the other side of my family tree. Valinda was especially favored because we were close to the same age and we liked doing the same things. We had one particularly memorable event that occured in the state park in Florida. You will have to ask her about that yourself! Harry was always the cool cousin because he liked to do things with the kids. He helped me improve my swim strokes and he never made you feel like you weren't doing a good job.He loved nature and all things in it. I have no doubt in my mind that he is now being loved in return.As he was loved here by his family and all that knew him, I believe he is taking that love with him now.