Harry and Virginia

Submitted By: 
Mitzi Cole

What I learned from being around Harry and Virginia was how much they love one another and what good friends they are...I would think how much fun they must of had when they were younger and building their house and having their children...I love the way they both see the world, it is like Dorothy in the OZ, they both see the world thru emerald glasses..Always seeing the best in folks and finding the humor and joy in the simplest of things...I will always admire Harry for his intelligence and his ability to remember details from the past...He was always such a joy to visit with about so many different subjects. He went with the flow in the ultimate sense, never bitter, always open to possibilities. He was a great man...and I am glad that I was able to humble myself and be in awe of his strength. What a loss but what a blessing for him to sleep into no more pain..I will always remember him at Emily's soccer games and how deep his love and desire to see her play was even when you knew he was not comfortable. He loved watching her play. He always had this grin, an inner smile. He will be missed.