Harry Carter: Renaissance Man

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Malcolm T. Sanford

Harry Carter, my brother-in-law, was a renaissance man, open to many ideas. I first knew him as a swimming coach; he appeared one day while the family was at Galveston, Texas beach, by swimming in complete with scuba gear. I also remember him purchasing one of the first Dodge Darts http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dodge_Dart

He was a visionary who “walked the walk,” moving into rural N.E. Georgia to raise three kids with his wife Virginia. He was an academic pioneer in the “early childhood education” movement, an avid photographer and lover of wildlife and wild places. At the same time he was an urban planner and community manager, deftly inserting ideas into traditional situations that would transform them towards a better fit for the future of humanity. He had an encyclopedic mind and was always ready with a willing answer for any question. Finally, he graced us all with his presence in many roles, including that of facilitator for my wedding. We will all miss his winning smile and physical presence in our lives.