Love you.

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Donna Kimble

Harry was my Uncle, still is my Uncle, wherever he is. My mother Joanie is sister to Virginia.
When I was younger I visited my cousins, aunt, and uncle every summer and my most distinct memory of those times is of watching the summer olympic games on television. The olympics stayed on for days and days with all of us watching.
Uncle Harry was very knowledgeable about many of the sports and different athletes. He could pull all of these statistics out of his memory which was really remarkable to me as a young child. I am sure that I only had an interest because of him and Zach and Valinda who were all so enthralled by it- particular attention being paid to the swimming and diving of course. We all watched and commented on their form, the way the swimmers pointed their fingers or and held their hands and how far the divers jumped out for the backwards flips and how much they splashed or didn't.
The commentators said a lot of stuff too but maybe because of Harry's knowledge and enthusiasm or maybe because he was my uncle and he was right there watching with me, I always listened most closely to him.
The Olympics starts tomorrow and I believe he will stick around to share it with us one last time if only to be sure we stay committed and carry on the family tradition and watch it together.
Also, I want to mention one last thing also related to swimming. A few times I was allowed to go to swim practice and I would swim on the sides next to Zach and Valinda watching them and following all Harry's instructions. I was very very grateful I was allowed to even be there since I wasn't on the swim team and because Harry really was a very gifted teacher- I would not be half as good a swimmer if it weren't for him.
So I want to say thanks, Harry. You were a wonderful Uncle to me. In appreciation of all you have done for all of us I very carefully and diligently gather and light the sticks and branches for you in my mind, just the way you suggested I should. I love you and miss you already.