Memories Good As Gold

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Charles Landers.

I remember when I was very young going to Texas holidays,vacations,and when school was out for the summer. I can remember when Harry Carter(Harry's dad) was still alive and lived next door to Granny and Gene who lived on the corner of Patton and Tabor ST. Pete and Harry would jump over Gene's new chain link fence, they thought it was invincible. Harry was tall and slim and could jump very high. We would all go the the hamburger place. He was always very nice and caring. I have alot of memories. I remember when they drove an old VW Van on vacation trips and we would meet them at the camp grounds. He never turned down good cooked food nor did my dad. We grilled all the time and had so much fun. I have alot of good memories of Harry Carter and his family. He is turly missed. May God be with you.
The Landers Family.