My Brother-in-law, Harry Carter.

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Joanie Sanford

Harry was my swim coach when I turned 11 in 1961, so I knew him for a very long time. He was a tall and well built with blondish-red naturally curly hair--an expert swimmer, gifted athlete and coach estraordinaire. I remember him on family campouts with tiny little kids, always taking care of things without a fuss. Harry generously allowed me to live with his family when I was in my early 20's and years later, I can still see him walking down the sidewalk, home from GA State, carrying his briefcase with his suit coat casually slung over his shoulder. (Harry took Marta even when he did not have to. He was a visioinary-- an environmentalist -- long before it was vogue).

My brother-in-law, Harry Carter, was an excellent photographer and had a keen eye for birding and the natural world. Through all his life he so rarely said anything negative it was astonishing if he did--and even then--he said it without rancor and in a very non-threatening way. Carrying the assets of kindness and seeing the good in everything and everybody even into the depths of his disturbing illness, when even the people around him were not able to, Harry was able to provide support for us all, even when his need was far greater than ours. Even at the end, when he was confined to a wheelchair for years, he was able to bring light hearted humor into his difficulties, shining through the bad times to "keep it light."

Harry also had a very bright mind and memory for details that I found astonishing-- and helpful. But more importantly, Harry Carter was very kind. My brother-in-law was a very forgiving and honorable person who will be deeply missed. He was truly a brother to me.