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Memories Good As Gold

Submitted By: 
Charles Landers.

I remember when I was very young going to Texas holidays,vacations,and when school was out for the summer. I can remember when Harry Carter(Harry's dad) was still alive and lived next door to Granny and Gene who lived on the corner of Patton and Tabor ST. Pete and Harry would jump over Gene's new chain link fence, they thought it was invincible. Harry was tall and slim and could jump very high. We would all go the the hamburger place. He was always very nice and caring. I have alot of memories. I remember when they drove an old VW Van on vacation trips and we would meet them at the camp grounds. He never turned down good cooked food nor did my dad. We grilled all the time and had so much fun. I have alot of good memories of Harry Carter and his family. He is turly missed. May God be with you.
The Landers Family.

Carter Family

Submitted By: 
Tami Landers-White

My father, Charles Landers, was actually Harrys uncle but I always thought they were more like brothers. We spent many summers meeting the Carters either in the mountains or at the beach. I was always so excited to get to see them because there were no girls on the other side of my family tree. Valinda was especially favored because we were close to the same age and we liked doing the same things. We had one particularly memorable event that occured in the state park in Florida. You will have to ask her about that yourself! Harry was always the cool cousin because he liked to do things with the kids. He helped me improve my swim strokes and he never made you feel like you weren't doing a good job.He loved nature and all things in it. I have no doubt in my mind that he is now being loved in return.As he was loved here by his family and all that knew him, I believe he is taking that love with him now.

A Calming Influence

Submitted By: 
Jason Fairchild

Kind, gentle, funny, witty, very intelligent, a dedicated family man...and always there. Just a few words to describe the man that I knew and respected. From the first time I met him, both Harry and Virginia made me feel like a part of the family. It's easy to see the influence that he had on those closest to him. He made everyone feel secure, which I feel went a long way towards allowing his kids the freedom to grow and feel secure in theselves. Valinda, Zack and Emily all display the same intelligence and self-confidence that I know without a doubt came from a good family environment and a loving home. This is why, even though they are spread out and living in different areas of the country (or countries), his kids have always felt that it was important to come back home as often as possible.
As I think back over the last 8 years that I have been associated with the Carter's, Harry was always the one constant source of reassuring calmness. While everyone around him met with one crisis or another, Harry would always be there to offer words of advice, pearls of wisdom from his own life, or just good old fashioned friendship. Even in the face of his own great struggle.
As for myself, the Carter's have helped me through my own little ups and downs over the years. From my own family struggles, to dating Valinda and actually living with the Carter's for a while, to different jobs, to playing a large part in dragging Valinda all over Mexico and Texas, Harry was always very supportive and positive. There were times that I called just to speak to him on the phone. He never judged me and always, always made me feel welcome. There is something very special about a man that would open his home to someone he barely knows, but then I guess he just absolutely trusted Valinda to make those kinds of decisions. I think that is another testament to the kind of man that Harry was. He taught his children the things they needed to know, then trusted them to make the proper decisions when the time came.
I consider myself very lucky to have known Harry and I truly feel that he was like another father to me. Many people don't get the chance to have one good father. I have been fortunate enough to have three. My own father Larry, my step-father Ken and Harry Carter, who I have thought of as an unofficial father-in-law for many years now.
Thank you Harry for your friendship, guidance and kindness. You will be missed!!

My Cousin Harry

Submitted By: 
Russ Landers

I have many memories of Harry and the Carter family. My dad was always very fond of Harry, Pete and Lou Carter. We were lucky enough to meet up with the family on many occasions. I guess the most fun was Christmas and camping trips to the mts or the beach. Harry was always very patient and kind, as was Virginia, and would spend time with us swimming, snorkeling or just going on a walk through the park. He was always smiling and happy. He was a joy to be around. I know he loved and was proud of his family and enjoyed time with them. He is a great example because he was never greedy or materialistic. I will always remember Harry and his example of Kindness and looking on the bright side. I love you all and look forward to seeing you all soon.

Memories of Harry

Submitted By: 
Cole triplets

We Thank You Harry for watching out for us when we were at your house. And Thank You for being so kind to us. I like all the things you love, like nature, movies, piano. And Harry, we all love you very much. I mean a lot. We think you are extremely nice and funny. I loved going over to Virginia's house and playing with both of you, like chinese checkers. You were good with the remote control. WE ALL LOVE YOU AND WILL MISS YOU A LOT. We will always remember you.

Thanks Harry!

Submitted By: 
Jeff Barron

First, I want to say what an honor it is to have known Harry. Second, I want to thank Zach for allowing me this honor to be able to share just of few memories of Harry.
To simply say that Harry was a great man will not do ANY justice. He was so much more than a boss, he was my mentor and it was honor to be able to call him friend.

--- [ Long Pause ] ---

Okay, I didn’t realize that this was going to be this emotionally difficult! I have so many hilarious and fond memories of Harry. He ALWAYS had a smile on his face, no matter what the situation.

--- [ Longer Pause, Harry would have just told me what to say ] ---

You can ask anyone at City Hall and they will tell you that I can talk all day about Harry! If anyone wants to call me up, I’ll talk your ears off about the time Virginia had to “remodel” the hotel room when we went to Monticello Georgia for a Better Hometown Manager’s meeting; I will tell you about the “interesting” music that Harry would listen to; I can tell you about the times that he would ask me to go get his chair, knowing that I never could “drive” that thing; I will tell you about how many times he would play bumper cars with door frames; I can tell you how proud he was when Cornelia was selected as a “Better Hometown” (thanks to him); I can tell you about how he helped me through some rough personal times; I can tell you...so much!!!!!!!!

I think that for now, I will simply say: “Thanks Harry, for everything.”

Your bud,

Harry Carter: Renaissance Man

Submitted By: 
Malcolm T. Sanford

Harry Carter, my brother-in-law, was a renaissance man, open to many ideas. I first knew him as a swimming coach; he appeared one day while the family was at Galveston, Texas beach, by swimming in complete with scuba gear. I also remember him purchasing one of the first Dodge Darts http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dodge_Dart

He was a visionary who “walked the walk,” moving into rural N.E. Georgia to raise three kids with his wife Virginia. He was an academic pioneer in the “early childhood education” movement, an avid photographer and lover of wildlife and wild places. At the same time he was an urban planner and community manager, deftly inserting ideas into traditional situations that would transform them towards a better fit for the future of humanity. He had an encyclopedic mind and was always ready with a willing answer for any question. Finally, he graced us all with his presence in many roles, including that of facilitator for my wedding. We will all miss his winning smile and physical presence in our lives.

Harry Performing the Marriage Ceremony for Malcolm and Christy

Submitted By: 
Christy Sanford

These photos show Harry performing the marriage ceremony for Malcolm and Christy in Ansley Park, Atlanta, July 17, 1971.

Harry possessed a welcoming spirit—fair and kind. Throughout my marriage to Malcolm, I saw him on special occasions. He was refreshing because he was open and not judgmental. My mother Christine Sheffield was very fond of him, too. He always tried to help her, and she was deeply appreciative. Harry was sweet and unflappable--even when Gandolf ate most of a lemon (I think) pie. My heart goes out to all his family and friends.


Impressions of Harry

Submitted By: 
Jill Arlene Sanford, cousin-in-law

I've known Harry for almost fourty years, I think. He was one of the nicest, gentlest people I ever met. Intelligent. Humourous. Long-suffering. Strong. Courageous. Perceptive. A ready smile. A deep laugh. Sincere. Genuine. Loving. Kind. Interested in individuals. Devoted to family and community. Subtly out-going. Sensitive to others. Nature-loving. Forward-thinking, yet back-to-basics. Unforgettable. A pleasure and privilege to know.

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